LED Lights and LED Street Lights


led emergency light bulb philippinesPhilSolar is the proud importer and distributer of high quality LED lighting solutions, designed and manufactured by Swedish company Diode International. Many of their products have been copied by asian manufacturers, but beware of these cheap imitations; they are a poor substitute for Diode International’s exceptionally high quality, performance and endurance. Diode International LEDs are manufactured specifically for use in hot environments like the Philippines, and have lifespans and warranties that no other manufacturers can offer.


The LED Difference!


We offer a wide range of LED street lights and Solar LED street lights. Because of their energy efficiency and long lifespan, LED streetlights are advocated as a means for reducing carbon emissions, as well as saving money, and offering a vastly superior and safer quality of light.

LED Street Lights

led street lights and solar street lights philippines


For the best in LED street lights, PhilSolar is currently offering the Diode International ST 50-200 range in 50-200w models, as well the incredible ST-001 series models, which not only offer incredible quality but are also typhoon-proof, and the LED housing glass is bullet-proof!

You can find all the tech specs in these downloads:

Solar Integrated LED Street Lights

solar street lights philippines

Our range of Solar Integrated Street Lights offer you the same quality and durability you have come to expect from Diode International, PLUS the additional long-term financial savings, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Integrated Street Lights range and specs:

LED Solar Street Lights by Diode International

LED Emergency Light Bulbs

Many regions in the Philippines are prone to unexpected brown outs, and these LED Emergency lights from Diode International are perfect for those situations.

These emergency lights get charged when the power is on, and automatically switch over to the battery when the power supply is cut off, giving you 6 hours of light from a full charge! The 5Watt LED, will give you the same amount of light as a traditional 60Watt light bulb.

Beware of cheap imitations, no other product like this offers a 2 year battery warranty and a 10 year / 50,000 hour LED warranty

rechargeable led emergency light bulb philippines

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