Informative, cute and easy to operate, the Shine Vision with Radio Frequency not only has sexy design, but also provides an innovative monitoring solution. Key data is visible on its display, including daily, monthly, total power. It can update and store the latest data permanently. Shine Vision also can be set up to emit an audio signal to tell operators of system errors automatically.

  • RF communication for wireless operation.
  • Automatic monitoring of up to six inverters simultaneously, applicable for small home system.
  • Simple installation. It can be placed anywhere indoor with signal coverage.
  • Easy-to-understand data display by simple key operation: real-time power, three-phase AC voltage, PV voltage, daily, monthly and total power yield and income, temperature, light intensity, the date and time.
  • Data archiving automatically and permanently with high security.
  • Audio alarm in the event of errors.
  • Low power consumption, powered by adaptor or battery.

DATASHEET: shinevision-19084945265