X3-Hybrid-5.0T / X3-Hybrid-6.0T / X3-Hybrid-8.0T / X3-Hybrid-10.0T Compatible With High Voltage Battery.

The 3-phase series includes inverters ranging in size from 5 to 10kW, and with the ability to install multiple inverters in parallel, scalable battery storage for commercial applications is now available. The inverter is equipped with a built-in EPS, had multiple communcation options and achieve remote control functionality.


  • Store energy for night usage
  • Flexible charge & discharge time settings
  • Use stored energy in poor weather
  • Parallel Operation
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Unbalanced output supported

Human-Computer Interaction

  • Multilingual: English, German, Chinese and Italian
  • Easy data reading with vivid charts and graphs
  • Daily/weekly/monthly report send to designated email address
  • Batch inverters monitoring for installers and distributors
  • Compatible with pocket wifi


Solax X3-Hybrid-5.0T~10.0T parallel  Inverter philippines