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PhilSolar Equipment and Trading Corporation imports and distributes high quality off-grid solar power systems throughout the Philippines. We sell our products in collaboration with professional dealers and installers all over the Philippines. We offer cutting-edge European and Asian brands that boast the highest standards, and are continuously looking for the latest technology and innovations. We offer traditional battery storage as well as lithium storage solutions.

Our mission is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable all over the Philippines and to help reducing CO2 emissions for a cleaner and greener world.

Solar Power can help you to reduce your electricity bill, increase your property value as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Our off-grid and hybrid solutions bring electricity to areas where a functional grid is not always available, and can help to overcome frequent power interruptions.

With professional teams around the country, we can provide Planning, Engineering and Installation services, for any home or business, nationwide! Just contact us to arrange a consultation.

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PhilSolar is the #1 importer and distributor of Industry-leading European Solar Power Systems and Technologies in the Philippines.

Struggling to find Solar Power Accessories and Spares?

PhilSolar has you covered!

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High quality Solar Power accessories such as DC Circuit Breakers, Surge Protectors, Solar Cables, Battery Cables and more. Please contact us via the website if you have an enquiry, or call us on  +63 917 884 3252

Remotely monitor your Victron Energy solar power equipment from anywhere in the world.

Solar Power packages tailored to your individual needs

PhilSolar can provide Off Grid Solar Power Systems, suited to your specific location, individual needs and requirements.

If we know your electricity consumption during the day, we will be able to design a system that suits your individual needs best.

A major benefit of utilising a Solar Power System, is that it can grow with you. As your power needs increase, you can simply add more capacity to your existing system.

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Many of our Solar Power products can be bought directly on Lazada

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