This Victron Energy system with 2×12.8V/100Ah lithium storage, supplies 24/7 power to the LIDAR system. The system will be placed in remote area and has also online monitoring by the Victron GSM GX monitoring device. The system will be backed up with a small generator for typhoon conditions.

Victron Energy off-grid system prepared for supplying energy for a LIDAR Wind data collector device, in Caticlan, Philippines. System design: 1.08kWp Jinko Solar array Victron Energy 48V/500VA Multi inverter Victron Energy Orion dc/dc Converter 48/24V Victron Energy MPPT Charger 150V/35A 2 x Pylontech Phantom S 48V/50Ah lithium storage Victron Energy CCGX Monitoring

In December last year we reported on the first ‘Access to Energy’  Shell Foundation – Victron Energy microgrid in Ligad, North of Palawan island in the Philippines. Thousands of people still live in such areas where there is no access to electricity and the likelihood of any utility grid connection is aeons away. The Shell Foundation however [...]

Such locations present many challenges – primary ones being the location, installation and supply of electricity – as we’ve seen in previous blogs where Victron Energy equipment supplier PhilSolar Equipment and Trading Corporation has supplied equipment and provided technical support for clients in Palawan island and Pangatalan Island. This latest project on Boquete Island has [...]

PaicaOffgrid Energy and PhilSolar installed the first Freedom Won lithium storage in the Philippines, along with a Victron Energy EasySolar 48V/5000VA with 150V/100A Charger. The owners of the Boquete Residence contacted us to find a more energy friendly energy system. They were running for many years a 33kVa generator, noisy and huge gasoline consuming. At first [...]