The general rule when developing a new kind of solar technology is to expect progress to be slow. Take silicon solar cells, the most ubiquitous and recognizable form of photovoltaic generations today. When silicon panels were first built in the early 1950s, they could only turn about 6 percent of the light that hit them into electricity. More than 30 [...]

The 10kWp project, designed to last for 25 years, utilizes solar panels on top of water to generate enough energy to power the Kasarinlan Park in Baras, Winnergy President Janina Bonoan told ABS-CBN News.  A connecting station was also built allowing residents to use the power generated for charging gadgets, powering sound systems and lighting [...]

‘Turning to renewables for new power generation is not simply an environmentally conscious decision, it is now – overwhelmingly – a smart economic one’ Renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels in two years, according to a new report. Experts predict that investment in green infrastructure projects will lead to decreases in the cost [...]

Philippine facilities occupy 10 slots in Southeast Asia’s top 25 operational solar power plants, and electricity produced from this technology is expected to triple in four years, according to Dutch firm Solarplaza. The Rotterdam-based consultancy said in a report that grid-connected solar power capacity in the Philippines was expected to more than triple from 903 [...]

UNITED NATIONS — Solar panels are everywhere: perched on thatched roofs in rural Kenya, helping Indian farmers pump groundwater for their fields, and powering United States military bases. Solar power accounted for more than a third of all electricity generated from energy sources that came online in 2017, a larger share than any other new source, [...]

The Philippines ranked No. 1 among developing countries in Asia in terms of the use of solar photovoltaic systems for electricity generation, according to a Dutch consultancy firm. Rotterdam-based Solarplaza also ranked the Philippines fifth worldwide, following Chile, South Africa, Brazil and Thailand. “The country (Philippines) is still relatively young when it comes to solar [...]

Two seemingly separate trends are currently colliding. One is the more severe and widespread damage being inflicted on electric grids during natural disasters, especially from the increasingly stronger storms like hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico. The second is the many technological advances in solar power generation and energy storage, which also lead to ongoing [...]

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised earlier this month to help restore power in Puerto Rico, the company has brought electricity back to a hospital on the island, which was recently battered by Hurricane Maria. In a tweet Tuesday, Tesla posted photos of Hospital del Niño, where it just completed installation of solar panels and large [...]

The Philippines are working on Renewable Portfolio Standards that would require distribution utilities to source a portion of their power supply from eligible renewable-energy (RE) sources, such as geothermal. As reported from Manila, the National Renewable Energy Board (NREB) of the Philippines has endorsed proposed rules on renewable portfolio standards (RPS) to the Department of [...]

DESPITE INVESTMENT IN COAL, CLEAN ENERGY IS GAINING MOMENTUM Renewable energy is gradually growing in prominence and will be the main source of power in the future for Thailand and internationally, according to industry experts. This is despite US President Donald Trump’s U-turn against the global trend towards clean renewable energy by supporting coal and [...]