The first Freedom Won Solar installation in the Philippines

freedom lite lithium batteries philippines

PaicaOffgrid Energy and PhilSolar installed the first Freedom Won lithium storage in the Philippines, along with a Victron Energy EasySolar 48V/5000VA with 150V/100A Charger.

The owners of the Boquete Residence contacted us to find a more energy friendly energy system. They were running for many years a 33kVa generator, noisy and huge gasoline consuming. At first they replaced all lights to LED and old energy appliances to reduce the energy consumption.

At this site, there is no grid available, so a Victron Energy off-grid system was the right thing to do. As a good lithium storage system is cheaper than lead acid in the long run.They accepted our proposal to go for lithium storage.

Victron Energy announced a few months ago, their compatibility with Freedom Won lithium storage systems, so we decided to offer this solution.

There was no available space on the island and cutting away the tree’s was not an option. So we decided to use the jetty to place the solar panels. The carpenters did an excellent job, making a solid construction to place the panels on.

The installation was challenging, getting the battery safe and well on the site and renewing all electricity circuits. Everyone did a great job and we are proud to get the installation up and running.

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  • Jinko Solar panels 27x260W: 7.02kWp
  • Victron Energy: EasySolar 48V/5000VA with 150V/100Ah MPPT Charger and built-in Color Control GX
  • Huge Energy Mounting system
  • 15kWh Freedom Won lithium storage

Patrick de Backere: or

Danny Maesen, Chris Steuter: or

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