Mobile Power in Leyte, Philippines

mobile power leyte philippines

(Left) Mayor Sandy Javier and (right) Jo Schoorlemmer from H.H.C.P.

We all remember the terrible news coverage of November 2013. Typhoon Haiyan created thousands of victims and enormous damage. From all that was in the path of the heart of the storm, about 70 to 80% was completely destroyed. Victron Energy took the faith of these people to heart and that is why the company, in December 2013, donated 60 mobile chargers with batteries. These installations enable people on site to have access to power. The installation of the units was taken care of by Sandy Javier, Mayor of Javier in Leyte. He informed us that today; all 60 units have been put into use.

Total devastation

The typhoon Haiyan left the Philippines in total devastation, including Leyte. Complete buildings, houses, roads and electricity poles were destroyed. Today, about 6 months later, everybody is busy with the reconstruction. Residents are building houses, working on food provision and the infrastructure is taken care of as well. To help the victims in Leyte, Victron Energy, supported by the charity organisation H.H.C.P (Heetense Hulpgoederen Centrum Philippines), sent 60 chargers to provide them with power.

Victron Energy chargers

The chargers are equipped with a solar panel and a battery, so they function independently from the grid. The units still needed to be mounted though in different Barangays (a small community). The Mayor of Javier in Leyte, Sandy Javier, holds an engineering degree and took care of mounting the chargers himself. All units have been installed and the solar energy is used by residents to power small electrical devices like mobile phones and chargeable lights. Residents of the Barangays can nowadays be reached again by their family. Next to that they no longer spend their evenings in the dark, when the sun sets at 17.30 h.

We thank Truus and Jo Schoorlemmer of the charity organisation H.H.C.P.

victron mobile charger

The mobile charger is equipped with 20 outlets. The image below shows the protective door that encloses and protects the charger outlets, when not in use. It also acts as a shelf, to place the mobile phones on whilst charging them.

The installation of the mobile chargers. Next to the Mayor, several residents are involved in the installation of The simplicity of the system enables the chargers to be installed and assembled quickly and easily by the the systems.

The simplicity of the system enables the chargers to be installed and assembled quickly and easily by the locals.

A completely operational system consisting of a cabinet that holds a charger, battery and solar panel.